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  Singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Darius Mileris Nojus and drummer Asta M. formed alternative acoustic rock band NOJUS Band in 2001 when both moved to Ireland from Lithuania after band AIRIJA, they were in and recorded 5 albums since 1992, disbanded.
Soon, the two were joined by bassist Widma G. and started touring Ireland, Germany and Lithuania to much popular acclaim.
Still being in band Airija, Nojus recorded two acoustic solo albums "Name" (1998) and "East" (2000).
In 2002 and 2006 respectively, albums "Save" and "Forever" were released in Lithuania.
In 2008 sax, piano and accordion player Lorenas Bucius joined the band.
Acoustic compilation album "Archive" was released in September 2007, which is followed by Unplugged Live in Dublin DVD released November 2008.
Album "NEMATOMI" released October 2009.

March of 2012 brought NOJUS Band back to basics, when Darius and Asta became rock duo again. They recorded album "1Diena" (1day) in October 2011, which was released in April 2012.

In September 2013 Nojus and Asta begun recording new album, which scheduled for release in late 2014.

The band carries its name by singers nickname Nojus, which means Noah in Lithuanian.
Nojus music style varies from acoustic bard music to folk rock with strong Irish and Baltic folklore influence. Lyrics and strong melody are key features of Nojus songs. Lyrical side of music represents moody reality of life and hope for the better day.

"Music is the way of communication with people. You want anyone to hear the words you singing, and the hope appears that those words can be helpful to someone. Besides, everyone wants to immortalize himself - to make a stroke on the Stone of Life. We do not seek everlasting life, we want to give a sense to what we are doing... There is such a little and great wish that people come to our concerts, understand us, and be sincere like we are."
- Past Members -
2003 - 2006, 2008 - 2011:
Vidmantas Galeckas - bass.
2006 - 2008:
Arunas Lukasevicius - bass.
2007, 2008 - 2011:
Lorenas Bucius - sax, accordion, keyboards.
2001, 2005:
Zygimantas Sinkevicius - guitar;
Augustinas Seduikis - bass.



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