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  Nojus - vox, guitars, music, lyrics


Darius Mileris, artist name Nojus is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer with 11 albums under his belt.
Darius Mileris Nojus established production company Baltic Promotions, which promotes music from Baltic States in Ireland and connects Irish acts with new audiences in Baltics.
  He began his music career in 1988 by playing in TERRA L., GOLGOTA, DIAMOND, AUDI and VYNAS groups during school.
  In 1992 established folkrock band
AIRIJA in Lithuania, realised five acclaimed albums with the band. Irish music and culture had great influence on the creation of the band, hence the name Airija means Ireland in Lithuanian language. Their music has been described as "Baltic Folkrock".
    Honours and Awards
  Laureate, Young Performers Singing Poetry Competition, 1992.
  With group AIRIJA Winner of Discovery of the Year Award, 1993.
  Named Best Rock Group of the Year 1995.
  Laureate with Airija Group-Culture Award of Alytus City in 1997.
  In 1993, AIRIJA won the Bravo music award for "Discovery of the Year". During 1994, AIRIJA's first album "Yra"(There is) put them in the top 10 of Lithuanian Rock. AIRIJA recorded three more albums: "Cia"(Here), "Yra cia"(Is here) a live unplugged recording, and "Pasaka"(Fairytale) which has kept the band on the top for the five years. A joint project with Kaunas Minor Drama Theater, called "Photos from the Old Album", created a unique mix of acoustic music and theatrical pantomime, which was recognized as the best musical project of the year in Lithuania. In1995, AIRIJA- the Rock Group of the Year in Lithuania. AIRIJA won the MCM TV award in France for the Best Small Budget Music Video for the song "I Save Per Save"(To Yourself Through Yourself). AIRIJA was also awarded the 1997 Alytus City Cultural Award.
  Nojus music style varies from acoustic bard music to folkrock with strong Irish and Baltic folklore influence. Listening to Dire Straits from the early days of his music carrier shaped his guitar playing technique and song creation. Lyrics and strong melody are key features of Nojus songs. Lyrical side of Nojus music represents moody reality of life and hope for the better day.
    Nojus short autobiography "Saving myself rather than the world..."
  I was born in Lithuania town Alytus, spend my youth swimming and wondering what is this world about. At the age of 16 I started playing guitar, discovered sincere music of Dire Straits, tender roughness of Metallica and musical variation of Saxon and Iron Maiden. Later I was blown away by The Cure, U2, Pearl Jam, The Levellers and numerous other artists including Russian rock giants Aquarium, Kino, DDT, Chaif, Splean, V.Visockij. And everywhere I went I had my guitar with me, started creating my own lyrics and music, chose artist name NOJUS, which means Noah in Lithuanian, and started saving myself rather than world. I recorded my first underground album "Memento Mori" at my friends studio in 1990, joined band VYNAS (Wine) in 1991 and had my first taste of success. Then in september 1992 me and bass player Koka (Kostas Radlinskas) started a new band AIRIJA and rock`n`rolled all over Lithuania till year 2000. We released 5 albums, It was an amazing time and awesome experience. In 2001 I left for Ireland. Since the year 1992, when we named our band AIRIJA, which means Ireland in Lithuanian, I was fascinated by celts and the music from Irish shores. Chieftains, The Pogues, Seanead O`Connor, U2, Therapy?, The Dubliners, all of these artists influenced me, so I came to see where is the music from. Now I can hear, touch and feel the music, miss my homeland and keep saving myself rather than the world.



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