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Upcoming Dates

Acoustic solo "1Diena"
Feb 16 - Gunnestorps Gard, Höganäs, Sweden
March 16 - An Spailpin Fanach, 29 South Main st., Cork, Ireland

Acoustic live in London
May 21st 9pm
NOJUS acoustic live.
Special guest Andrius Abromavicius (Andy Abro).
Admission £15 online and on the door.

Singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Darius Mileris Nojus started his music carrer in 1988.
He gained experience by playing in punk and metal bands before discovering an acoustic guitar.
Darius is known as the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Lithuanian folkrock band AIRIJA, which he founded in 1992.
He managed the big breakthrough with the band, which incorporated the sounds from the Irish folk fiddle.
In 1995 AIRIJA was chosen as the best Lithuanian rock group of the year, they have a total of 5 albums recorded before breaking up in 2000.
Darius continued to record and produce albums, performing as a solo artist under name NOJUS.
Darius released 5 albums with band AIRIJA and 7 solo albums to date.
New record NEMATOMI out now and available to buy on download here.
Nojus music style varies from acoustic bard music to folk rock with strong Irish and Baltic folklore influence. Strong melody is a key feature of songs, lyrical side represents moody reality of life and hope for the better day.

Acoustic Christmas 2010 London was great success


Band "Laiko Sala" basist Tomas Povilaitis and Nojus.

Band "Laiko Sala" guitarist Andrius Abromavičius, N.O.J.U.S. drummer Asta M. and Nojus.

Band "Laiko Sala" drummer Tomas Lapkauskas ir N.O.J.U.S. drummer Asta M.

Band "Laiko Sala" vocalist Arvydas and guitarist Andrius Abromavicius.

Nojus interview on ShannonSide FM 11.20 AM, Sat, 29th May >>

  Day in the recording studio is never the same. It seems what you`ve done yesterday needs to be rearranged today, you get different feeling, different vibe every time you press "play", different nerve hits you every time you press "record".
  So, rock on every next big day at the recording studio.
I wonder what`s next for me there today?
  I know the songs, no wonder - I wrote them, but I am always guessing which direction it`ll leed me, until it`s born in the form of soundwave picture on screen.
  And then again, I don`t know if I`m fully happy with it, but no doubt - Full of Joy.

Second single "Nematomi zmones" available for download now from unpcoming album due in Autumn, 2009.
Photos from BAIKERIU TUSAS 2009, N. Ireland. >>
Photos from the concert at "House of Music" club in Vilnius on April 10th >>
New album is being recorded in Elektra Studios Dublin and Soundivision Studio in Dublin. Second single "Invisible people" out on April 4th in Lithuania.

  Nojus "Unplugged Live in Dublin 2007" DVD out now on Aistian Music Label in all PEGASAS bookstores in Lithuania.
  Concert was recorded on December 21st, 2007 in Dublin and features best songs Nojus band performed in nice settings of Radiocity club.

  "Unplugged Live is where my songs get the most of live ambience, where you are so close to the audience, you can see the light in their eyes and hear the whisper in their lips. On such stage I feel at home, I feel I reach the soul of the song." - Nojus.
  A one and half hour of true acoustic live vibe..

Read Metro Eireann article about Nojus >>

Nojus interview live on KCLR96FM at 9.30 pm

New pics in the Gallery.
  From concert in Vilnius club L`Amour on April 24th, 2008.







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